Tarrago Heel Sole Restorer 35ml



Tarrago Heel & Sole restorer is a special dye designed to repair damages on edges, soles, and heels of shoes. Thanks to its formula with a high concentration in pigments it will cover chaps and scratches providing a shiny finish. Indicated to recolor and restore used and new shoes can also be applied on rubber soles and plastic heels.

1. Remove surface dust. 2. Shake the bottle. 3. Apply over heels and soles which have scratches and chaps. 4. Leave dry for 3 min. 5. Clean the sponge after use to avoid the dye dry and plug the output hole. 6. Due to Tarrago Heel and Sole Restorer, it’s a Self-Shine ink it does not require brushing after drying.

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Black, Brown