Dasco Ultimate Nano Protector Spray 300ml


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With a new Nanotechnology formulation, Dasco ultimate Nano Protector guarantees a higher level of waterproofing and stain protection. The microscopically small nanoparticles form an invisible coating that gives ultimate protection against rain and snow, all types of stains and dirt penetration without affecting a material’s breathability.

This prolongs the life of footwear and helps keep that just a new appearance for longer. It also helps make footwear easier to clean.

Dasco Nano Protector can be used for a wide range of applications such as cloth, bags, tents and skiwear for example, as well as all types of shoes and boots. It is suitable for all types of leather, wool and fabric surfaces including Tex materials, and for all colours. Dascos new Protector comes in a larger 300ml size.